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effective email marketing grows business!

Effective email marketing does everything a good marketing plan should. It raises brand awareness, communicates relevant information to customers, invites them to take action, promotes loyalty and boosts sales. Email marketing is also highly cost-effctive, with a return rate of nearly 45 to one on dollars spent! This kind of ROI is very nearly unbeatable. Not doing email marketing? It's time to get in the game. Email marketing with poor results? It's time to make a change. Xactcast is just the powerful email marketing tool to ensure that your business get the most out of every campaign.

Xactcast makes audience management easy

Xactcast's audience management feature enables you to import, store, manage and grow your email permission lists. Your email recipients can be organized into groups, or—using our "search and segment" feature—you can target people bases on a variety of criteria, including where they live or their past responses and specific interests. 

Flexible sign up screens allow customers to enroll in your campaigns from anywhere on your website, and our database allows you to gather as much or as little information as you need about your audience. What's more, Xactcast's optional survey tool can help you know your audience even better, from larger groups right on down to individuals.

Xactcast uses industry best practices

With Xactcast, you can be assured that every available option is compliant with the highest industry standards. This allows users to make sure every email campaign is properly constructed to achieve maximum effect.  Not only that, but Xactcast ensures that your emails adhere to all best practices regarding permission-based marketing, including prompt handling of opt-out requests, interpreting results and increasing in-box delivery rates.

Xactcast creates attractive, elegant email campaigns

Our intuitive click-and-build screens make stylish email campaigns easy to create. Already have an HTML campaign ready to go? Great! Just upload it to Xactcast. Whatever you choose, we'll help you prepare, proof and deliver your campaigns quickly and on time. Like something you've done before? At Xactcast, your past campaigns are stored for easy reference and archiving.

Xactcast ensures successful delivery

Personalized send-off, ISP relationships and delivery policies ensure that your Xactcast emails are delivered every time. Xactcast handles every aspect of the delivery and our industry knowledge makes sure you know how to always increase delivery rates.

Xactcast tracks results in real time

Want up-to-the-minute statistics on exactly how well your email campaign is performing? Thanks to Xactcast, you'll know who's clicking each link, who's sharing your campaign with friends and who's joining your email list. You'll also know who to follow up with if they didn't receive or open your email. Since we archive your data and response history, you'll also receive easy-to-read charts and tools to help you generate more effective emails in future campaigns!